20' Displays

So You're Gonna Go Big Eyyy...

They say bigger is better, and when it comes to trade shows, IT IS!  Your #1 Objective is to FIGHT FOR ATTENTION, and getting noticed is the name of the game!  A 20' display gaves you plenty of canvas to utilize for your presentation, making graphics stand-out and shine for all to see!  Choose from our traditional Magna-Pop displays, or get fancy and make a true impact with our Allure series hybrid displays.  

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  • QuickZip MEGA MAX - Straight

    QuickZip MEGA MAX - Straight

    Introducing the newest and most impressive addition to the QuickZip series: the 20' QuickZip MEGA MAX Media Kit. This magnificent 20' multi-media kit takes portable displays to whole new level! This trade show display features a seamless 20' fabric dye...

  • 20ft QuickZip - Serpentine

    20ft QuickZip - Serpentine

    Get away from the old Panel Pop Up Displays, and into a hassle-free seamless tension fabric display!  The QuickZip™ 20' Serpentine display is hands down our most popular 20' display and will ensure that you keep an edge on your competition as...

  • 20' Quick-Zip Straight display - seen here with optional podium graphic!

    20ft QuickZip - Straight

    Tired of dealing with magnetic frames or confusing tools when setting up your 20ft displays? Transition instead into this hassle-free seamless tension fabric display! The QuickZip™ 20' Straight trade show display is part of our most popular product...

  • 20ft QuickZip - Curved

    20ft QuickZip - Curved

    Here it is! The 20ft exhibit solution that you've all been waiting for! The QuickZip™ 20' Curved display is without a doubt the fastest, easiest, and most affordable 20ft trade show display in its class! This fabulous trade show display comes...

  • 20ft QuickZip® Lightbox

    20ft QuickZip® Lightbox

    Make a bold statement with the NEW 20ft QuickZip Lightbox. This backlit display is sure to attract clients like a moth to a flame. Illuminate brand messaging from within with the LED strip lights and completely...

  • 20ft QuickZip™ - Supreme

    20ft QuickZip™ - Supreme

    Time to super-size your portable exhibit? The QuickZip™ Supreme 20-foot trade show panel kit does that and more! This premium package includes two 6.5' x 7.5’ panels and a 6.5’ x 10' tall center panel. They can be used...

  • 20ft QuickZip - Executive Kit

    20ft QuickZip - Executive Kit

    Do you want versatility? You got it! A convertible trade show display that fits into 5', 10' 15', and 20' spaces! The Executive QuickZip trade show display features a 10' QuickZip Straight display front and center, with two 5' wing panels on...

  • 20ft QuickZip™ - Monument

    20ft QuickZip™ - Monument

      If versatility is your need look no further! Accommodate any and all of your booth sizes for your upcoming shows - 8ft, 10ft, 15ft, and 20ft! The QuickZip™ Monument 20' trade show display package is the most convenient and...

  • 20ft Timberline Hybrid

    20ft Timberline - Hybrid

    Available in a variety of configurations, it's the perfect back wall display that will WOW your clients at your next trade show, exhibit, or special event. The Timberline Series utilizes a versatile, modular design for easy display set up and allows for...

  • 20ft Perfect-Pop - Straight

    20ft Perfect-Pop - Straight

    Attract your customers with this eye-catching 20’ Pop Up Display, with the one-piece fabric Perfect-Pop technology that easily attaches to the pop up frame. From side to side, this booth appears flush and seamless, and assembles in only SECONDS!...

  • 20ft FireFly - Angled LightBox

    20ft FireFly - Angled LightBox

    The Angled 20' FireFly media display is one of the most creative trade show display setups on the market. Its one-of-a-kind modular design combines three different LightBox panels at different depths to create a stunning presentation. Now you can compete...

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